Spa & Wellness Services

Spa Concepts, Design, Feasibility, and Management Support

Navitas Spa provides spa businesses with commercial partnerships in spa management and management consultancy for spa operations. In partnerships made with spa businesses, a profit-sharing management model is applied. Management consultancy services are also available upon request.

With years of knowledge and experience, Navitas Spa follows the establishment of your spa facility from its inception to its conclusion, keeping the quality and standards of products used at each stage under control. We prepare status reports and present them to the business owner at predetermined intervals.

Our spa concept consultancy evaluates the business structure you want to establish under current conditions, performs the necessary infrastructure work, and develops systems compatible with contemporary understanding, shaping your style and business logic.

Navitas Spa's personnel consultancy includes placing staff in spa businesses and tracking and evaluating staff information. Furthermore, we address the shortage of qualified staff by conducting recruitment efforts for necessary personnel. With our well-trained and experienced staff portfolio, we share our years of experience in the spa industry with our valuable partners.

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